What’s on my table?

Welcome to my blogging channel. I hope you all are safe and sound. Our world is going through so much right now, let’s take a moment and pray for everything to get alright asap.

Okay, today I will be doing “What’s on my table ?” blog. I have decided to start my own YouTube channel where I will be posting my study vlogs and my passion on various stuffs like doodling, photography, journaling, etc. So, I decided to clean up the mess of my study table and arrange it in a way that will be appropriate for shooting my YouTube vlogs. Pretty soon, I will link down my YouTube channel here as I gradually start posting. My Youtube channel is named as ” The Spartan Girl”. So please do subscribe and do let me know what you would like to watch so that I can happily fulfil all your wishes.

Oh wait! Why my intro gets so lengthy? Is it annoying? Forgive me if it is.

Anyway, let’s get started.

  • Smartphone: one of the most important device on my table which I can’t show you all is my phone. Yes, I don’t have a separate camera for which I have to shoot or capture pictures using my phone.
  • Laptop: it is another necessary item on my table which is HP. This laptop was gifted as an appreciation for scoring good grade in my high school broad exam from the Assam government. It is working fine. Sometimes when my phone’s battery runs out, I use it.
It’s my personal diary too 🙊
  • My recycled pen holder: I found it in the bin and turned it into one of the best decorative item on my table. (Please, do comment below if you want me to blog Diys).
How’s my creativity?
  • Postcards, paperclips and accessories: I’m in love with postcards. I found          Instagram account and I felt in love with its deigned postcards and other study materials. I wish I had a source of income to order it all. But it’s still okay; someday I will get it all.
Look, how they can make your boring notes look interesting.
  • Journals: if you want to know the deepest secrets, peep into my journals.
My stress reliever.
  • My heavy econ text books: Though I have not finished reading it all but as much as I have read it. I love it.
Why so informative?

“I have got Redmi Note 7 PRO which I think is one of the best device for photography”

That’s all I got on my table for now. Maybe later, I might add some more items. Comment down below what’s on our table and hit the like button if you like reading my blog posts.

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In my next blog post, I will be showcasing some of my diy decorative items.

          Till then, stay tuned.

                    Love, Neets.

“The device which captures such beautiful image of other objects cannot capture its own image.”