I’m back!!!!!!

Hello lovely buddies!

A very good morning to all, it’s 10th of October today; I woke up at sharp 4:30 am. I got out of the bed even before the alarm could irritate me. I’m surprised; I have literally got out of the bed this early. Till date, I never thought this could be possible. But, look, I’ve proved myself “nothing’s impossible”

Anyway, I quickly made my bed and went out to have a look at the sky. It s dark and cloudy I guess, ‘cause I can’t see any stars twinkling up there. I washed my face, brushed my teeth and sat on the chair. I took out one of my journal, right at that point, I could hear something. I looked out through the window and noticed that it’s raining. My heart says “go back to bed” but my brain says “let’s work harder, girl”.

So finally after a large 5 minute argument inside my head, I started with my work.

I have got a long list of to-dos. I have to ring up to the pg-owner too. I’ve got to submit my preferences for my major to the professor too.

I have to work harder this time, not because everyone else is already ahead of me but for the reason, I don’t want to regret later chilling out now.

 Anyway, today I have a very important announcement to make. Do you wanna know what it is? Well, the announcement is that: I am back. I don’t know if anyone really cares about it but I wanted to tell that my semester exams are over. So now I will be able to keep up with my blog regularly.

While taking about my examination, I will say it wasn’t as good as it could have but neither as bad as it could have. So I would that I was kinda neutral. The results are yet to be announced, so till then let’s keep up with what I love doing. In this blog, I will be sharing how last month has passed.

 As always the month started with designing my monthly spreadsheet. But this time, since I was very aware that I would be a waste if I did my weekly spread because obviously I wouldn’t be able to keep up with it. So, I skipped everything except the monthly cover and my mood tracker.

Something very upsetting happened to me this month but I will talk about this in my next blog. Anyway, I checked my mood tracker last night and I found out that most of it indicated sadness and only a few were happiness. This shows how depressed I have gotten. Anyway, I have actually learned the most in this month compared to any other. One of the most important knowledge I have learned is to never lose your true friends. They can lift your mood up when it’s down, make you laugh right away after you are done wiping your tears and support you emotionally like no other.

So, guys please do not cut off yourself from your true friends while working hard for your future. Achieving your goals is as important as keeping up with your loyal friends.

With that, I shall end this blog here. Hope you all are working hard too. Let’s have a future which we are capable of decorating without any budget problem.

Love you all,


Let’s journal

Hello, beautiful people, how are you all? Is everything working fine? If yes, if everything is working well or even if it is not working the way you had planned, let me just remain you that everything that happens with you happens as god’s will, trust me on that.

Well, you know I have had been kind of depressed the past week. During the week, I kind of realized that losing track of time is very easy when things or works or ambition of life isn’t worked properly on.

It is very easy to get distracted and addicted towards resting and not processing on doing what you plan for. Hasn’t it ever happened to you, take for instance, you are cleaning or working on a project, after some period of time, you tend or prefer taking 5 minutes rest and unconsciously end up taking rest for the next 30 minutes. The next moment when you realize the amount of time you have wasted resting when you could have just finished your work or could have done with your project, you start to feel guilty, guilty for being so careless, which leads you to feel even more guilty for feeling guilty when you could have just worked it out regardless of how much time you have already wasted which is referred as ‘the feedback loop from hell’.

If you are a book lover or even a reader, I am pretty sure you have read the book ‘the subtle art of not giving a fuck’ by Mark Manson. If you haven’t, I would strictly recommend you to read it. No I’m not giving any spoilers here.

Anyway, I wanted to let you guys know that I have started continuing my journaling part again. It has helped me so well in keeping track of time. Prioritizing my to do list had also helped me a lot.

If you are confused about what exactly it is, I’ll just help you understand with these glimpses of some of my journaling works.

Self made bookmarks. Just to keep track of the pages I’ve read.

Do let me know if you want to see more of my works on journaling. Comment down below if you also want to journal or are already journaling. Maybe we could do collaboration or something, you know.

Anyway, that’s it.

Love Neets.

Let’s talk

Here I’m confused all over again. I didn’t attend my class today just like the past couple of weeks. I’m so damn confused about what to do in my clueless life. I was always but today something stroked me made me think about how brutally I have been killing time all these years of my life. Today I did the same thing again which I have been doing for the past 2-3 years, googled about careers I could try to achieve, scrolled through those never syllabus required to clear the test to get a position and like always a part of hope flew away as I encountered those topics I skipped at college. I’m disappointed, absolutely disgusted for wasting all those precious years of my life daydreaming about how beautiful I would make it, now I remember I haven’t worked a bit for it.

I’m very depressed right now and yes, confused too. I’m depressed because I’m confused.

Anyway, I hope I can start it all fresh again.

Till the end of next year, I might get a tick on my to do list. I better get it.

I rescheduled everything this time including studies too after two weeks of break.

Whatsoever, last couple of weeks were not really such a wastage genuinely speaking.

I designed my next month’s bujo and also have decorated my study wall a bit. In addition to that, I have also completed my next study vlog clips but I do have to edit it, might take couple of days more.

If you are interested in bujo do check out my Instagram account and if you want to be my study buddy, do subscribe my YouTube channel.

That’s it.

Also, if you want to talk about something that’s bothering you, you are most welcome to do a collaboration with me where of us can discuss about genuine problems and hopefully can make our readers motivated.

Thank you.

Love Neets.