Let’s talk

Here I’m confused all over again. I didn’t attend my class today just like the past couple of weeks. I’m so damn confused about what to do in my clueless life. I was always but today something stroked me made me think about how brutally I have been killing time all these years of my life. Today I did the same thing again which I have been doing for the past 2-3 years, googled about careers I could try to achieve, scrolled through those never syllabus required to clear the test to get a position and like always a part of hope flew away as I encountered those topics I skipped at college. I’m disappointed, absolutely disgusted for wasting all those precious years of my life daydreaming about how beautiful I would make it, now I remember I haven’t worked a bit for it.

I’m very depressed right now and yes, confused too. I’m depressed because I’m confused.

Anyway, I hope I can start it all fresh again.

Till the end of next year, I might get a tick on my to do list. I better get it.

I rescheduled everything this time including studies too after two weeks of break.

Whatsoever, last couple of weeks were not really such a wastage genuinely speaking.

I designed my next month’s bujo and also have decorated my study wall a bit. In addition to that, I have also completed my next study vlog clips but I do have to edit it, might take couple of days more.

If you are interested in bujo do check out my Instagram account and if you want to be my study buddy, do subscribe my YouTube channel.

That’s it.

Also, if you want to talk about something that’s bothering you, you are most welcome to do a collaboration with me where of us can discuss about genuine problems and hopefully can make our readers motivated.

Thank you.

Love Neets.


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