A ride to my photobooth

Hello, everyone. Welcome to my blogging site. This is a newly created blogging site as you can see there is no other content except this one. But I’m not new to this industry; I had another blogging site a year ago but not anymore. This is the only site I have in the current moment.

As I have already mentioned in the “ABOUT ME” section that I’m an introvert. Introverts out there will surely understand how hard it is for us to open ourselves out to the world. It’s not the matter of shyness, we introverts are not shy but we are just way too protective about our heart. I particularly fear that my opinions won’t be heard or even worse made fun of. From my experience, I have realized that people out in the world are all so busy throwing out opinions. People have forgotten that sometimes listening profits too. Everyone is speaking in a room but there is no one to listen. This is frustrating to see a person listen not to understand but to response.

In this chaotic world, no one listens to no one. Everyone is too busy putting out something or the other of their mouth. It has almost become hard for each person to listen to what one really wants too. Our opinions and our preferences now depend on someone else’s opinions. We as a human have failed to listen to our heart. Talking about that, soon I’ll be releasing my “listen to your heart” podcast where I’ll speak about anything and everything about the bitter truths of life. Please do check out my podcast and let me know if it is helpful in any way.

Coming to the point, I guess you have already seen the logos and stuffs of this site, clearly it shows that this is a photo blog. Yes, I love capturing moments but more than anything I love capturing myself and only myself, just kidding guys. I am not a professional but I hope you’ll love the pictures I share here.

Here are some glimpses of my work-

Hello, guess who she is!
Look, how beautiful the sky can make you feel.
The first time I actually enjoyed being a freshie.

Life offers you to be both the model and the photographer.


-Thank you-


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